Friday, November 9, 2012

Extended Character Profile: Duncan

When I write not only do I pull experiences and places from my own life as inspiration, but I also use music, pictures, movies, etc. as well.
The picture above is what I envision when I describe the house that Duncan lives in.
The home is Victorian, old, and beautiful. It was passed down through generations, just like his own powerful ability. It belonged to his father. I imagine it would have more trees and out buildings on the property. A place for Duncan to work on bikes and for Travis to paint.
In Concord itself is Custom E Bikes, the business his father started. Everyday Duncan is reminded of his missing father, one of the reasons he left Concord five years ago. For a while he travelled alone, but once his brother Finley started getting into trouble (more so than normal) his mother sent him to Duncan to try and straighten him out. It didn't work.
Duncan never did find his father, but rogue Cwn Annwn's don't do well outside the pack structure. They tend to get into trouble by nature and without an alpha to keep a hound in check they almost always turn to crime. It's too easy for them not to use their abilities to steal, cheat, or harm humans.
I like to think that Duncan is a man's man. The kind of man that is rare in these days full of skinny jeans, eye liner, and the metro-man. It's all about preference really. Some girls like the pretty boy metro thing, I don't. I like men that can work with their hands and get dirty. The ones that have muscles not from a gym but from actual hard labor. The kind of men that look good shirtless and sweaty. Scruffy men, manly men, the men that throw you down in hay lofts or in fields and have their dirty hot way with you.........anyone else feeling a little warm all of the sudden?
Back to Duncan, even though he's a mans man, and tough and all that extra testosterone crap, he's still flawed, and real. He can get testy and pushy. He steps on Lo's toes and doesn't listen half as often as he should. My hope is that he comes across as real, and layered.

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