Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Otherside Book Trailer

After finishing up Lilith I decided to take a small break from writing. It only lasted a few days (no surprise there), but now that Lilith is done I'm gearing up to really jump into The Otherside. I have two other projects going simultaneously Scent Hound, and a contemporary YA I started much for the same reason I started Lilith. The strange need to try something else to get the creative juice flowing. I'm now about 12,000 words into all three. I'm going to try to write them in spurts first one then the other, but like anything I do I'll probably trade off so it doesn't get stagnant.

At times other forms of creativity inspire me, music helps immensely. My current favorite at the moment is Ben Howard. I stumbled across him over a year ago and haven't been able to find anyone else who's words and chords can move me the way his do. Genius to put it simply.

So it was only a matter of time before I used his music for a book trailer.

The song is called "Black Flies". The meaning behind the song is simple, its about losing friends. The loss of friendship and the distance that can grow between people is a large theme in The Otherside. The haunting lyrics helped me write in a way that I hope portrays that loss. It's important to the story that Lo's struggle with two worlds is thrust ahead of everything, love, ghosts, friends and family. She needs to find the balance for herself, and that sometimes means other things get overlooked. The worse part is she knows its happening, but can do nothing to stop it.
So watch the video and judge for yourself. I love the song. It inspires me.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

First Review

Well that inevitable day has arrived. I have gotten my first real review of The Wild Hunt. I have had plenty of feedback from family and friends, even friends of friends. But this is my first review from a complete stranger.

I am wowed and humbled by this man's words. Not only did he read it and take time out of his busy life to do, but he enjoyed it and wrote a review. There is no greater compliment than that. He even provided feedback about what he didn't like, which I loved even more than the good things he had to say. Family and friends are always afraid of hurting your feelings, this is a good and bad at the same time. When you are looking for true opinions family and friends aren't always the most reliable.

Although I know for a fact my mom would tell me if it was horrible. She doesn't want me to make an ass of myself anymore than I do. Thank you mom!!

If you would like to read the review I have attached the link below. Thank you reader for your kind words and much needed feedback!

Friday, February 15, 2013


Not everyone believes in love at first sight.

I know I didn't, but when a new boy moved to my little town, everything, including me changed. It wasn't his deep blue eyes, or his perfect smile that called to me, but a connection that was older than time. Our lives were connected, and the past has a way of circling.

After a date gone horribly wrong, then the blood and the fever. I started to hear voices no one else could hear. People died, some were tortured, my pain was her pleasure...and Lilith was at the center of it all.

Love isn't just a fairy tale, its survival. Clawing my way from death and standing up for that love no matter the price. Because in the end love is all that really matters anyway...even when its the at first sight kind.

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