Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Wild Hunt Giveaway!!!

Starting October 1st I will host giveways (besides the goodreads) to promote The Wild Hunt. It will include loot, I either make myself or find on etsy or amazon ect.

Things like:

1. Leather Journal from Etsy

           2. Triskele Bracelet from Etsy

3. Ghostly Case Etsy
4. Tree of Life Necklace Etsy
5. Kindle Forest Skin Amazon
6. Triskele Bracelet Etsy
7. Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman Amazon
8. Moon Kindle Skin Amazon

So far I've found quite a few awesome things obviously. <-------------Pinterest Link.


Friday, September 7, 2012

Visual Inspiration...........of the EYE CANDY sort!

Duncan oh Duncan where.......... in the hell are you?

Yes, I realize that is NOT Shakespeare. Half way through I couldn't remember the line, where art thou, wherearthout, is it all the same word or three separate, is it even the right three words? I went in confident lost my bearings and said screw it. It happens, I get potty mouth, its like the flu, only worst because it's constant. I'm rambling. I posted these two pics on my author blog, and thought I'd share them here on the book blog.

Why do I have two blogs you might ask?

Because I obviously have too much damn time on my hands. I'm feeling a bit facetious, hence the uncouth words, and soft profanity. Soft you know like hell and damn, not the really dirty wordies. Heh I crack myself up. So anyways.......the point.....yes I remember!!

I wish I could tell you who this model is, but I have no clue. All I know is that I found the dude on, it's my place for stock photos. Really it's one of the cheapest places out there. It takes a little more digging to find what you are looking for, but you'll spend less when you do. So here he is, the closest thing I could find to what's in my head.

His hair is a bit short in the pics above but he looks so dark and dirty who cares. I think he looks a little like Matt Bomer (Magic Mike, White Collar). Albeit he's a scruffier not nearly as pretty Matt Bomer. You can't tell from these pics but the actual model has a crooked nose which I love because Duncan does. Luckily there are tons of pictures of him so that I can treat the female readers pretty often to some Duncan eye candy.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Music Inspiration

Not long ago I discovered Spotify, and have since been a convert/addict. Before Spotify I used Itunes, Pandora, Playlists, Amazon cloud, any number of separate sites to listen to music in the hopes that I would be inspired.

I think music plays a huge part in creating anything. I listen to music while I cook, when I have a home improvement project, and the rare times when I clean (I HATE cleaning). Music can set a mood, or a tone to the work you are doing. You blare some fun catchy beat and shake your butt, it brings you up, and lightens your mood. You listen to a somber song that makes you remember a lost love, or mistake, or someone that is no longer living, and it knocks you down, makes you able to use those feelings to write a great scene.

In honor of music inspiration and well my own OCD behavior I'm going to give a list of songs I listened to when I wrote The Wild Hunt. Its under a playlist on Spotify named conveniently The Wild without further ado.......


  1. "9 Crimes"-Damien Rice
  2. "Awake my Soul"-Mumford & Sons
  3. "Blood Bank"-Bon Iver
  4. "Catch your Breath"-Gus Black
  5. "Closer"-Kings of Leon *
  6. "Down by the Water"-Pj Harvey *
  7. "Endless Melody"-Clarensau*
  8. "Goin to the Party"-Alabama Shakes
  9. "Green Valley"-Puscifer
10. "Howlin for You"-The Black Keys*
11. "Hurt"-Nine Inch Nails
12. "I would Trade"-Clarensau
13. "Judas"-Julie Feeney
14. "Lies"-The Black Keys
15. "Mad World"-Michael Schulte
16. "My Father's Father"-The Civil Wars
17. "Night Terrors"-Wild Sweet Orange
18. "Passive"-A Perfect Circle
19. "People C'mon"-Delta Spirit
20. "Poison & Wine"-The Civil Wars*
21. "Psycho"-Puddle of Mudd
22. "Pyro"-Kings of Leon
23. "Radioactive"-Kings of Leon
24. "Salt in the Wound"-Delta Spirit
25. "Sheets"-Clarensau
26. "Speaking a Dead Language"-Joy Williams*
27. "Teardrop"-Jose Gonzalez
28. "The End"-Kings of Leon
29. "The Funeral"-Band of Horses
30. "The Hollow"-A Perfect Circle*
31. "The Immortals"-Kings of Leon
32. "The Wolves"-Ben Howard*
33. "Tip of my Tongue"-The Civil Wars
34. "To Bring you my Love"-Pj Harvey
35. "Volcano"-Damien Rice
36. "Whisper"-A Fine Frenzy
37. "You Ain't Alone"-Alabama Shakes

*---Songs that were a HUGE inspiration for the book!
I also have lists for character's and ghosts, but I'll put those up at a different time!

"The Wolves"----Ben Howard

"Ghost That We Knew"---Mumford & Sons

"Endless Melody"---Clarensau

"Closer"---Kings of Leon