Saturday, September 1, 2012

Music Inspiration

Not long ago I discovered Spotify, and have since been a convert/addict. Before Spotify I used Itunes, Pandora, Playlists, Amazon cloud, any number of separate sites to listen to music in the hopes that I would be inspired.

I think music plays a huge part in creating anything. I listen to music while I cook, when I have a home improvement project, and the rare times when I clean (I HATE cleaning). Music can set a mood, or a tone to the work you are doing. You blare some fun catchy beat and shake your butt, it brings you up, and lightens your mood. You listen to a somber song that makes you remember a lost love, or mistake, or someone that is no longer living, and it knocks you down, makes you able to use those feelings to write a great scene.

In honor of music inspiration and well my own OCD behavior I'm going to give a list of songs I listened to when I wrote The Wild Hunt. Its under a playlist on Spotify named conveniently The Wild without further ado.......


  1. "9 Crimes"-Damien Rice
  2. "Awake my Soul"-Mumford & Sons
  3. "Blood Bank"-Bon Iver
  4. "Catch your Breath"-Gus Black
  5. "Closer"-Kings of Leon *
  6. "Down by the Water"-Pj Harvey *
  7. "Endless Melody"-Clarensau*
  8. "Goin to the Party"-Alabama Shakes
  9. "Green Valley"-Puscifer
10. "Howlin for You"-The Black Keys*
11. "Hurt"-Nine Inch Nails
12. "I would Trade"-Clarensau
13. "Judas"-Julie Feeney
14. "Lies"-The Black Keys
15. "Mad World"-Michael Schulte
16. "My Father's Father"-The Civil Wars
17. "Night Terrors"-Wild Sweet Orange
18. "Passive"-A Perfect Circle
19. "People C'mon"-Delta Spirit
20. "Poison & Wine"-The Civil Wars*
21. "Psycho"-Puddle of Mudd
22. "Pyro"-Kings of Leon
23. "Radioactive"-Kings of Leon
24. "Salt in the Wound"-Delta Spirit
25. "Sheets"-Clarensau
26. "Speaking a Dead Language"-Joy Williams*
27. "Teardrop"-Jose Gonzalez
28. "The End"-Kings of Leon
29. "The Funeral"-Band of Horses
30. "The Hollow"-A Perfect Circle*
31. "The Immortals"-Kings of Leon
32. "The Wolves"-Ben Howard*
33. "Tip of my Tongue"-The Civil Wars
34. "To Bring you my Love"-Pj Harvey
35. "Volcano"-Damien Rice
36. "Whisper"-A Fine Frenzy
37. "You Ain't Alone"-Alabama Shakes

*---Songs that were a HUGE inspiration for the book!
I also have lists for character's and ghosts, but I'll put those up at a different time!

"The Wolves"----Ben Howard

"Ghost That We Knew"---Mumford & Sons

"Endless Melody"---Clarensau

"Closer"---Kings of Leon

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