Friday, December 14, 2012

Merry Christmas

So as a nod to readers, and well a shameful way to promote my book I have a coupon.

Promotional price: $2.00
Coupon Code: XT76B
Expires: February 14, 2013

It will only last for a couple of months, but it will drop the price of the book substantially, 75% off to be exact. Pass it around if you'd like to, the great thing about Smashwords is it keeps track of your numbers.

Merry Christmas!!!

Oh and as an added bonus the wonderful dude I found online that resembles the image of Duncan in my head has tons of pics on Lucky for you I've got a christmas surprise of the visual kind.

Your Welcome!

Character Interview: Lorelei Preston

Lorelei was late to our interview even though I checked, and rechecked the specific time a dozen times. After countless text messages,
directions and missed meetings. The interview finally took place. It’s a funny thing to actually meet your character face to face (so to speak). For a long time I lived inside Lorelei’s head while I wrote down her story. She arrived on her bike, wearing her signature denim shorts, knee high boots and a tank top. She didn’t smile when I extended my hand.

Me: “Hi Miss Preston, I’m so happy to finally meet you.”
Her: “Right can we move this bitch along; I have real shit to do today.”
Me: “Yes, of course…so Miss Preston-“
Her: “Lo, call me Lo, I’m not eighty.”
Me: “Okay sorry, Lo...”

A long pause stretches between us. She’s tapping her foot anxiously and I can’t help but wonder why I made her so utterly bitchy. Even to me her creator she’s snarky, it kind of sucks.

Me: “Right so, what can you tell me about yourself?”
Her: After a snort and snide smile she says….”I’m impatient, about as cuddly as a porcupine, and I don’t do relationships.”
Me: “Aren’t you currently in a relationship?”
Her: Smile disappears. “Depends on who you ask, I say we have an understanding, he thinks like an ape-man and therefore thinks he owns me.”
Me: “What would you like the readers to know?”
Her: “I’m not nearly as bitchy as you make me look.”
Me: “Right.”
Her: “I’m not, I just don’t like bullshit.”
Me: “Uh huh.”
Her: “People are idiots, they lie, they cheat, they all play this polite bullshit game and no one says what they really think or feel. I think they should, in fact I’m an advocate of STBS.”
Me: “STBS?”
Her: “Stop. The. Bull. Shit.”
Me: “And that makes you less bitchy somehow?”
Her: She narrows her eyes and sits forward. “You are absolutely right.” She sits back flopping in the chair and sighs. “I really am an asshole.”
Me: I nod along with her realization.
Her: “I guess I’m just as oblivious as everyone else.” She looks a little sick to her stomach.
Me: “No one’s perfect.”
Her: Snort. “Nope, I hear your cousin found 18 mistakes in the book.”
Me: “Right.” Now I feel sick.

Lorelei gets up from her chair, a smile firmly pulling at her lips.

Her: “Well I gotta get, I’m sure we’ll uh…be hearing from each other.” She turns on her heel and exits.

I have no words to say before she’s gone. The interview’s over before it ever even started.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

My apologies....

So I suck, big surprise there I'm sure. A bunch of people signed up for The Wild Hunt giveaway a little over a month ago and I still have not got the books in the mail.

To the three people that won. I am truly sorry for being such a scatterbrained moron. Those books will be in the mail this week. If I had more money I'd put something awesome and expensive in the envelope with the book, like gold, or diamonds.

I hate being a flake, but I am one. I think flake should be in the dictionary next to writer. It should be a permanent explanation for forgetfulness and being tardy. "Hello secretary at my sons school, I'm a writer, therefore no further description is necessary to explain his constant tardiness, lack of jacket, lunch, backpack etc.

Short explanation............I suck.

The end.