Sunday, December 9, 2012

My apologies....

So I suck, big surprise there I'm sure. A bunch of people signed up for The Wild Hunt giveaway a little over a month ago and I still have not got the books in the mail.

To the three people that won. I am truly sorry for being such a scatterbrained moron. Those books will be in the mail this week. If I had more money I'd put something awesome and expensive in the envelope with the book, like gold, or diamonds.

I hate being a flake, but I am one. I think flake should be in the dictionary next to writer. It should be a permanent explanation for forgetfulness and being tardy. "Hello secretary at my sons school, I'm a writer, therefore no further description is necessary to explain his constant tardiness, lack of jacket, lunch, backpack etc.

Short explanation............I suck.

The end.

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