Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Scent Hound: Is Officially Finished!!!

Something almost magical happens every time I finish a book. Scent Hound is only the third, but I can already see a pattern arising. The first few days before the last words are typed I have insomnia...worse than normal. My subconscious is aware of what's about to happen and makes it impossible for me to sleep. The day of, I'm on a natural high so great that nothing bothers me, not the new broken piece of furniture that was just shipped to me, not the firework my son set off inside his room. No the high from finishing a book is so great nothing can touch me.

I can't wait for my readers, family, and friends to read my new story. It was a new journey in discovering myself as well as my ability. It gets easier and easier. I enjoyed this book in a way I didn't with the others, I let my muse guide me, and tried not to get in her way. Funny how much easier things are when you just give in and let them go the way they want to. Here's to finishing!!! Cheers!! Now I'm going to go celebrate with a cocktail.

Coming Soon!!!!

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