Monday, September 23, 2013

The Otherside: A teaser!

I've been working on The Otherside. Not all that much, or that often, but I have been working on it. I thought the readers might enjoy a little treat.

This is a nice long distance into the book, something I don't usually share because of spoilers. But with a name like The Otherside, I'm pretty sure you know where this book is going, or rather where Lorelei is going.......

Meet Arawn, King of Annwn.

"I couldn’t deny Arawn’s allure. He was beautiful, but so were plenty of other monsters. My father was a beautiful man, that beauty did not betray him, and leave the room when he reached for his belt. His beauty remained no matter how ugly his actions. Beauty did not ultimately equate to good. Evil could lurk inside it, because beauty was the ultimate camouflage.

         Arawn was not as dark skinned as Gideon, but he was still golden. A shiny hue glowed beneath his skin. The camouflage that masked his true nature. I knew without a doubt that he was evil. What else would willingly steal the souls of the dead? I hated that I was a part of it. I hated that his shackles for the dead had born my kind.
        Nature SPOILER had said, needed a balance for everything. I was the compliment to his hounds. I stared at his brown hair, and silvery blue eyes. His body was hard with muscles. I could see them bunching beneath the fine cut of his Victorian clothing. His face had fine strong features and noble bone structure. He looked like a King...but evil I reminded myself, had many faces."
                             -----Excerpt taken from The Otherside, Chapter##-Dirty Thief



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